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Missouri PTA Distinguished Service Award Recipient, Holly Kaden

Holly Kaden was presented with the Missouri PTA Distinguished Service Award at the Staley Falcon Club General Meeting on Thursday, November 14, 2019. Holly has been a PTA Member for over 10 years in the North Kansas City School District and has served on multiple boards and in a number of positions including Treasurer and President.

Holly's dedication to the students and youth of the Staley High School community is evident in everything she does. She is always willing to help, the first to raise her hand when there is a need, and is an important voice for the youth of our community.

Staley Falcon Club was honored to be able to present such a prestigious award to someone so deserving and in the presence of so many friends, family, and fellow volunteers.

Congratulations, Holly!

(*Not pictured Kris Roberts)

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