Forms for Parent Reps

Please click on the links below to access forms for use by Coach/Sponsors and Parent Representatives.  You can download and save these forms to your computer for easy access or open and print as needed. Options for turn in of completed requests include the following.

Falcon Club Activity Deposit Record

When submitting a deposit:

1.     Deposit slip filled out in its entirety on the computer. No handwritten deposit slips. Please   make the checks on the deposit are in numerical order by denomination.

2.    Checks need to be stamped before dropping the deposit in the safe. There are several stamps on the desk.

3.    Make sure your bills are sorted in denomination and all facing the same way.

4.    Please make sure your deposit is in an envelope before dropping in the safe. She requests you do not rubber band your deposit slip around checks or money and drop. Rubber bands break and then she has a mess in the safe.

5.    Drop your deposit in the Falcon Club safe, located in the Falcon Club office. Please do not leave deposits in the mailbox.

The Computerized Deposit Slip needs to be used for ALL DEPOSITS.  The manual form is only to be used in “emergencies”.

When an activity makes a deposit in a Falcon Club Activity account, this excel spreadsheet form provides an automatic tally and record for the deposit.  As information is entered into the spreadsheet on a computer, the dollar amounts and number of checks will automatically be totaled.  When the deposit slip is done, save it with a different name (example:  Boys Olympic Curling Team Deposit 5/11/12-TShirt Sales)  Please print and send with the deposit.

Computerized Deposit Slip

Request Form to Access Funds from an Activity Account

Just remember when submitting a check request, you must provide the following things BEFORE checks will be cut:

1.     Signed check request – both the activity sponsor/coach and the parent rep signatures are required.

2.     An invoice, quote or receipt matching the amount of the check request

3.     W-9 if not already on file. This is imperative for our bookkeeper for end of year 1099’s that we are required to send out.

4.     Envelope made out to whomever the check is going to. Put your check request in the Falcon Club mailbox

If any of these things are missing, you will receive the check request back until you have them.

This form is required to authorize payment withdrawals from your Activity Account.   Please fill in all information and submit to the Falcon Club Treasurer for payment.  No reimbursements will be made after 30 days from the date on receipts or invoices.

Request to access funds from Individual Activity Account 2016-2017

W – 9 FORM                      Donation Receipt 

Rummage Sale Commitment Form

Request to Pay for 2016 Wish List Approved Items

An activity that has an approved “Wish List” grant should use this form to request fulfillment of the Grant.  NO REIMBURSEMENTS can be authorized for Wish List Payments.  Payments will only be made directly to the vendor with an original invoice.  Please fill in all information and submit to the Falcon Club Treasurer for payment.

2017 Request to Pay From Wish List Grant Fund.doc (1)

Complete the following online form to check out table covers for a Staley event. The table covers are cloth, both round and rectangular are available and come in green, black and white. All table covers must be returned to the Falcon Club office laundered and folded within one week of your event. If they are not returned laundered Falcon Club will have them dry-cleaned and allocate payment from your activity account.

 Request for Falcon Club Table Covers

If you have questions regarding the use of any of these forms or would like the forms sent directly to you, please contact [email protected]

Request for Falcon Club Trailer Usage

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Forms for Parent Reps